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Sidebar One is the Name of our First Sidebar Production. Release, 09.04.2021. Now available in Version 1.3 with 20+ Functions for better Daily Life. We try to bring our Sidebar Solutions to all important platforms and marketplaces. Currently you can get our Sidebars as Addon for the Mozilla Firefox Browser, as Progressive Web App (PWA) Installable in the Google Chrome, Chromium, & Microsoft Edge Browser. Sidebar Apps for Windows & Android (Google Play) also available. Also available the Website Version from Sidebar One in the Popup Window, the fastest way to run Sidebar One with the full functionality.

Sidebar One App

Get your Personal Sidebar, Sidebar One on your Favorite Platform or Bookmark the URL. We work 24/7 on new Sidebar Solutions, Integrations, Features & additional Functions for the different Platforms & Devices.

Sidebar One – Functions (Version 1.3)

  • Digital Clock (Animated Design)
  • Alarm Clock (Simple Alarm)
  • Task Planner (Checklist Style with Autosave)
  • Calendar (Month View & Browser)
  • Audio Player (External Source)
  • Multi Player (Internal Audio/Video Source)
  • Password Generator (with Copy Function)
  • QR-Code Scanner (without Camera)
  • Notepad with Voice Support & Autosave
  • Voice Recorder (.wav Format)
  • Local Weather (Animated, Day & Week Data)

Sidebar One – Next Functions

  • Clipboard (Fast Copy & Paste for Everything)
  • One bigger Secret Feature(Unique Prototype)
  • RSS-Feed Integration
  • NFC Integration (Reading, Writing)
  • NFC Integration 2 (NFC Sidebar Look)
  • Multimedia Player 2.0 (Autosave, Cloud Connect)

Sidebar One

Sidebar One Roadmap

  1. Sidebar Synchronisation (between Devices & Markets)
  2. Sidebar Connect (Communication with other Sidebars)

Sidebar One is the Personal Sidebar Solution from us with Focus on better Life with one Click Ready Tools for specific and daily use cases. We built also Business Sidebars with features for specific target groups. Sidebars for Gamer, Sidebar Extension for Applications …

Notes: Sidebar One has on some Device or Platform more or less Features. Our Sidebars use currently the newest technology from all supportet platforms and we are updated and connected to the platforms and all the time in the prototyping mode.

We looking for Co-operations & Partners

  • Sidebar One Integration (Apps, Websites, Communities, …)
  • Widget-Solutions for specific Sidebar Functions
  • New Sidebars: Based Partner Solution & Combine Sidebars

Our Sidebar Service is like one Month old. Highspeed Steps from the Idea to the Prototype and to the 1.3 Public Version from Sidebar One now between. in two Week. We are now open and interested about every kind of Co-operation. Please connect with us, if you have an idea for an cooperation or partnership.

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